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Trying out CommBank’s Tap and Pay – using a mobile phone to shop in-store

Kisslock knit phone case for iPhone 5/5s

Silicone covers are perfect for using with PayTag. They are easy to remove if necessary and have the flexibility to seamlessly cover the sticker.

Today, for the first time, in a retail shop, I paid using my mobile phone.  No wallet, no credit card – just me and my mobile. It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I am such a nerd.

In case you haven’t heard, CommBank have recently introduced the ability to pay using a mobile phone (android or iPhone, and soon for Windows phones I think) at any checkout which has a PayPass terminal. PayPass terminals are those ones you can tap your credit card on instead of inserting it or swiping it.

Luckily for me, I was already a CommBank customer with an eligible account*.

It’s pretty easy to set up.  Firstly I needed to upgrade to the latest version of the CommBank app to order the PayTag.  This is a sticker which contains the smarts (NFC) which communicate with the PayPass terminal when you tap your phone against it.  Mine took about a week to arrive.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow. You simply attach the sticker to the back of your phone and activate the sticker through the CommBank app.

Kisslock Stitch phone cover, paytag

The PayTag sticker fits easily under our phone covers, here I used my current fave,  Candies Kisslock Knit for iPhone 5 in yellow.

I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Early this morning I popped into Priceline as I knew they had PayPass terminals.

First I switched the Tap & Pay function in my CommBank app on (I did this while queuing), then I simply tapped my phone (the back part of it where the sticker is) against the terminal.  It worked a treat!  No need to remove my phone cover. When I checked my account I could even see I had paid using PayTag.

Will I use it again? Yep, absolutely!  Now I just need to get my loyalty cards into an app and lose the wallet altogether..

Update: Today I used it 3 more times.  I tried to pay for coffee in the cafe at the bottom of my office building but it wouldn’t work, I didn’t remove my phone cover and retry though as there was a queue so I caved and used my credit card instead.  I used it again later in Priceline – worked instantly.  I used it a third time in Woolies and it struggled.  I removed my phone cover (luckily it’s very easy to take on and off) and it worked.

So, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad! But maybe I should hang on to my wallet for a bit..

I’m going to monitor  my success rate over the next few weeks and will post another update.

* I don’t know what constitutes an eligible transaction account and couldn’t see it defined on CommBank’s website – whatever it is I must have one 🙂


Coffitivity App – ambient coffee shop sounds to boost productivity – love it!

Kisslock stitch phone cover available at

Kisslock Stitch phone cover for iPhone 5 in black – doesn’t it look fab in a coffee shop?

2014 is going to be a milestone year for me.  I’m turning 40 in July (eek, but 40 is the new 30 right? So no point stressing or reaching for the botox just yet.. or is it the use of botox that makes 40 the new 30?  Oops..)

This year I’m keen to spend much more time on my Oysterfruit store and stock lots more fabulous phone covers (there’s a new really different Candies range out which I saw in Hong Kong when I popped in to the flagship Candies store for a chat – more on that in another post!), spend more time with my kids, start getting out more, oh and of course work out more so that I can look fit and fabulous at my 40th.  Easy!

I am one of those people who can start my research by looking up something in Wikipedia and then click through and through and through until I realise I’ve just spent an hour discovering all this really interesting stuff completely unrelated to what I’m supposed to be doing.

My real job (the one that pays the bills) is in an activity based working environment, which is a fabulous environment to work in, especially for a procrastinator like me.  There are no private offices, no allocated desks and is pretty much paperless so there’s no danger of clutter.  The only issue is that it’s quite noisy – not in a background sort of way but in a I can hear every word of the three conversations going on around me sort of way, and in case you haven’t realised yet,  I’m easily distracted.

Here’s where the Coffitivity app comes in.

In a nutshell, it plays background sounds from a coffee shop. Research on ambient noise levels has shown that people can be more productive where there is a low level of background noise than in complete silence. Which makes sense when you think about it, but the problem with finding natural ambient noise is that it’s unpredictable.  A coffee shop with the perfect level of noise when you walked in could be filled with screaming kids as soon as your coffee arrives. Similarly in an open plan office.  You could be sitting in a fairly quiet section when all of a sudden one of the sales guys sit down at the next desk.

I’ve been trying it out for the last few weeks and I am getting hooked. For me, it really works, especially when I need to read through some documentation that I’ve been putting on the long finger  – although I did find myself tempted to get another post lunch latte..

The app is free from the app store (they also have an android version) and has a selection of coffee shop ambient noise types to choose from. You can give it a whirl right now at

Ray-Ban and Apple – the perfect brand bromance?

I love my Ray-Bans and I love my iPhone. A very clever designer in India, Sayalee Kaluskar, has designed a pair of Ray-Bans that harness solar power during the day and charge your iPhone at night.  A brand match made in heaven!

Based on that premise that most people take their sunglasses off when the sun goes down (unless you’re a movie star and wear them 24/7) so why should your sunnies just lie around doing nothing useful until the sun rises again?  Genius!

Solar charged Ray-Bans charge an iPhone - genius!

The solar charged arm of a pair of Ray-Bans plugs into an iPhone to recharge it.

Help, my screen is stuck! Using the iOS7 control panel

Control Panel

Control Panel (Photo credit: tjdewey)

All of a sudden my screen wouldn’t rotate anymore – I could see the icon at the top but couldn’t figure out how to change it. I ignored it for a few days before googling for an answer.

Turns out the new control panel – which I had opened accidentally a few times and quickly exited – allows you to switch on and off screen rotation and heaps of other features!

This blog post over at 9to5Mac explains how to use control centre to quickly manage settings really well.

In short,  as well as managing your lock rotation, you have access to your music controls, screen brightness, flashlight and calculator and can use it to mange your clock/alarm, bluetooth, camera and airplay features.

By default you access the control panel by swiping up from the bottom of the screen but you can move it to open like any other app if you prefer.

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View iPhones from the original to iPhone 5, side by side.

iPhone Original/3G/4/5

iPhone Original/3G/4/5 (Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano)

Ever wondered how much, visually, the iPhone has changed since the original version?  Here’s a pic that shows they haven’t actually changed all that much…

In fact, the 5 looks more like the original at a glance.

My first iPhone was a 3G, I got it shortly after my daughter was born and it was fantastic to be able to take photos of her when out and about.

Ah, memories.

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Why buy a silicone phone case?

Silicone is an excellent material for phone covers, here’s our top 5 reasons why:

Pretty phone covers from Candies

The Candies range of silicone phone covers

1. Silicone has very high impact absorption properties.  Perfect for anyone who has a tendency to drop their phone. Plastic cases tend to crack or break on high impact.

2. The rubbery texture of silicone hugs your phone and helps secure it to whatever it’s resting on.  If you carry your phone around in your hand (or balanced on your laptop), it prevents your phone from accidentally slipping off or through your hand.

3.  Silicone is very flexible making changing your cover a breeze. If you like to change your phone cover/and or change your phone battery you need a cover that is easy to put on and take off.

4.  Silicone is waterproof, ideal for protecting your phone from accidental spillages.

5.  Silicone rubber is generally non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -55 °C to +300 °C while still maintaining its useful properties. It will never become hot to touch or start melting.

Why choose a Candies phone cover?

There are plenty of silicone covers to choose from, but why cover an amazing phone in just any generic phone cover?

Not all silicone phone covers are created equal. Candies covers are crafted from high quality silicone with a luxurious matte look. Beautifully designed and available in a wide variety of gorgeous colours and styles; the only accessory you’ll need is your phone.  Why not have a look at our full range of phone covers at Oysterfruit?

Oysterfruit is an authorised reseller of the Candies range of products.


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