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How does the iPad Air stack up against the rest of the iPads?

English: iPad 1 next to iPad 2

English: iPad 1 next to iPad 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re at the point where we’re thinking of getting an iPad for the kids. We’ve a big trip coming up where we could see an iPad coming in really, really handy.  So the question now is whether to go for an older model or the new iPad Air?

I mean, if it really was just for the kids then obviously an older model would do, but someone’s got to try it out, make sure all the games are suitable etc., maybe download one or two for themselves..

If you’re looking to take the plunge or already have an iPad but are wondering if the new Air model is worth the upgrade – we found this Gizmag review was a good place to start.

Any recommendations for us?

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