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Ray-Ban and Apple – the perfect brand bromance?

I love my Ray-Bans and I love my iPhone. A very clever designer in India, Sayalee Kaluskar, has designed a pair of Ray-Bans that harness solar power during the day and charge your iPhone at night.  A brand match made in heaven!

Based on that premise that most people take their sunglasses off when the sun goes down (unless you’re a movie star and wear them 24/7) so why should your sunnies just lie around doing nothing useful until the sun rises again?  Genius!

Solar charged Ray-Bans charge an iPhone - genius!

The solar charged arm of a pair of Ray-Bans plugs into an iPhone to recharge it.


Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2013 (other than a new Candies phone cover)

I haven’t started my Xmas shopping yet and as per usual am struggling to think of something for the men in my life (more socks?)

Some great ideas here – would love the Game of Thrones board game myself (hint, hint Santa!)

Dear Santa, Sue from Oysterfruit would like this for Xmas. Thanks!

A Game of Thrones board game


3 Holiday Online-Shopping Scams to Watch Out For


The holiday deals are already rolling out with early Black Friday specials on Amazon, holiday circulars leaking online and big-name retailers offering incentives to buy directly from their sites to get a jump on your gift list. But along with the amazing Internet deals come the scammers with new and inventive ways to trick you into handing over your credit-card number and personal information.

Here are three of the biggest scams to watch out for this holiday shopping season.

1. Incredible discounts from unknown sites

Not every site offering a great deal is up to no good, but the more amazing the offer, the more wary you should be. Entering your credit-card info won’t get you that great gift on a bogus site, but it will get the scammers your credit-card info and address, which will allow them to start racking up charges.

These sites can also lure you in…

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GQ’s Top Ten Gifts for Her (to go with her new phone cover of course!)

According to GQ these are the top 10 gifts for the woman in your life this year.  The day spa at The Observatory would be my pick…

The fabulous pool at The Observatory day spa

How does the iPad Air stack up against the rest of the iPads?

English: iPad 1 next to iPad 2

English: iPad 1 next to iPad 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re at the point where we’re thinking of getting an iPad for the kids. We’ve a big trip coming up where we could see an iPad coming in really, really handy.  So the question now is whether to go for an older model or the new iPad Air?

I mean, if it really was just for the kids then obviously an older model would do, but someone’s got to try it out, make sure all the games are suitable etc., maybe download one or two for themselves..

If you’re looking to take the plunge or already have an iPad but are wondering if the new Air model is worth the upgrade – we found this Gizmag review was a good place to start.

Any recommendations for us?

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Help, my screen is stuck! Using the iOS7 control panel

Control Panel

Control Panel (Photo credit: tjdewey)

All of a sudden my screen wouldn’t rotate anymore – I could see the icon at the top but couldn’t figure out how to change it. I ignored it for a few days before googling for an answer.

Turns out the new control panel – which I had opened accidentally a few times and quickly exited – allows you to switch on and off screen rotation and heaps of other features!

This blog post over at 9to5Mac explains how to use control centre to quickly manage settings really well.

In short,  as well as managing your lock rotation, you have access to your music controls, screen brightness, flashlight and calculator and can use it to mange your clock/alarm, bluetooth, camera and airplay features.

By default you access the control panel by swiping up from the bottom of the screen but you can move it to open like any other app if you prefer.

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View iPhones from the original to iPhone 5, side by side.

iPhone Original/3G/4/5

iPhone Original/3G/4/5 (Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano)

Ever wondered how much, visually, the iPhone has changed since the original version?  Here’s a pic that shows they haven’t actually changed all that much…

In fact, the 5 looks more like the original at a glance.

My first iPhone was a 3G, I got it shortly after my daughter was born and it was fantastic to be able to take photos of her when out and about.

Ah, memories.

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